Jake Limm

I'm pretty open to new projects, but my focus is on computers and electronics. If you don't see something listed and want me to explore it, feel free to contact me.

Service Price
The basics -- check hard drive health, clean dust, advise on upgrades.
Checkup is free with purchase of any other service.
Software Installation
Everything from games to Office, antivirus to drivers.
Software configured. Contact for bulk pricing (>3 items).
Reload Windows
The nuclear option. Removes everything to give a fresh start.
Includes (re)installation of drivers.
Virus/Spyware Removal
Don't want to lose files & programs? This is the way to go. More
time-consuming, less destructive.
Hardware Installation I
Simple hardware installation. Fans, additional hard drives, optical drives
(CD/DVD/Blu-Ray). Contact for bulk pricing (>2 items).
Hardware Installation II
Advanced hardware installation. Graphics cards, sound cards,
solid state drives (SSDs), CPU coolers, additional displays. Contact for
bulk pricing (>2 items).
Hardware Installation III
Large Scale Hardware Installation. Motherboards/Processors, cases,
closed-loop liquid cooling units.
Full Build
Need a computer, but have no idea where to begin?
Have a computer built within a budget, tailored to suit any purpose.

I also write custom Rainmeter and AutoHotKey scripts. Contact for details.